Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Saved by Salad

One of the things I insisted be in my care plan was a consult with a registered dietitian (RD). I know what you are thinking, “But Kelly, didn’t you.., don’t you..?”  The answer is “Yes”. Yes I had worked in clinical nutrition for over 12 years and yes I have a master’s degree in nutrition. You’d think I could have figure things out for myself. Well, no. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the osteoporosis diagnosis really threw me; I felt so overwhelmed, so beaten, so tired. I knew I needed to make some changes where my diet was concerned and quite frankly, I just wanted someone to tell me what to do.

I had been following a local nutrition practice on Instagram and I really liked their approach. I ended up meeting the owner at a networking event, never thinking I would refer myself! I reached out and made an appointment with an RD on her staff.

I liked Dana right from the start; I knew I was in a good place. In our first meeting, she brought up keeping a journal. I have always hated keeping journals, writing down every little bite, dragging around a stupid notebook. But this is 2017 and (like the old saying goes) there is an app for that! She introduced me to Recovery Record, a tracking app for logging meals, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Dana demonstrated it to me on her phone, it seemed simple enough; I agreed to try it.

 The thing is amazing! I free text what I eat; no food lists to sift through. I snap pictures of my plates (I would do it for Instagram anyway!) I answer simple yes/no questions (that I can choose from a master list.) She even provided me with a way to share my entries with her. In our appointments, she logs on to her lap top and pulls up my dietary life; it’s pretty slick!

She asked me if keeping the log made me notice anything. I said, “Yes, my answer to the question who did you eat with’ is almost always ‘alone’ and my lunches are uninspired or non-existent. This makes me a bit sad”
As we discussed what might be contributing to my issues with lunch, talk came back around to the little voice inside that tells me: I am not important enough, I am not worth the time, I don’t have enough time, I should be doing other things, I don’t deserve to take time for a nice lunch. I should be thankful I have a husband that works all day and devote my energies to him. (I do realize this little voice is an ass-hole but sometimes it just won’t shut up!)

Dana suggested, one of the most healing acts of self-care we can do for ourselves is to cook for ourselves. She offered an option that would be time friendly and also provide an attractive and nourishing lunch, Mason jar salads. I had heard of them but never thought much about them. Well, I am now a fan!  I also got the ‘buy-in’ from my husband; he loved the idea and said he would gladly take one in his lunch.
My first attempt at Mason jar salads

It’s been a super fun process, gathering my jars, reading over the various recipes, shopping, chopping, and assembling. I even enjoyed the clean-up! The salads turned out gorgeous and hubby was impressed. Instead of viewing lunch as an inconvenience, I see it as an event to look forward to; a chance to do something nice for myself that will nourish my soul as well as my body. And I am so worth it! (Take that little voice!)